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March 7, 2008

How to install TOW to the other folder not C:\TOW (not pefect, but useful)

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I’ve tried installation on the other folder. It’s almost perfect except Python.

So, if you want to install to your own TOW folder, follow below. (ex. %TOW_HOME% is D:\Apps\TOW)

  1. Unzip TOW-*.zip to D:\Apps.
  2. Open %TOW_HOME%\set-tow.bat file and replace strings like below.

    set TOW_HOME=D:\Apps\TOW

  3. Open %TOW_HOME%\Apache\conf\httpd.conf file and replace strings like below.

    C:/TOW -> D:/Apps/TOW

  4. Open all %TOW_HOME%\SetupTracRepo\Projects\HelloTOW\conf\*.tpl files and replace strings.

    C:\TOW -> D:\Apps\TOW
    C:\\TOW -> D:\\Apps\\TOW

  5. Open %TOW_HOME%\create-svn-repo.bat file and replace.

    C:/TOW -> D:/Apps/TOW

  6. Copy %TOW_HOME%\Python folder to C:\TOW\Python
  7. Run %TOW_HOME%\start-tow.bat

If you have already installed on C:\TOW and want to move D:\Apps\TOW, you need something to do it working.

  1. Open %TOW_HOME%\TracRepo\Projects\%PROJECT_NAME%\trac.ini file and replaces strings like below.

    C:\TOW -> D:\Apps\TOW
    C:\\TOW -> D:\\Apps\\TOW

  2. Resync Trac repository.D:\Apps\TOW>trac-admin.bat %PROJECT_NAME% resync
  3. That’s it.

I hope it helps you.

P.S. Anyone have an idea to move Python to the other folder?


November 17, 2007


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Installation (Very very quick!!)

  • Uninstall your Subversion, Python. (nor conflicting with TOW)
  • Unzip TOW-*.zip to C:\ (not available in other folders)
  • Run start-tow.bat
  • That’s it!


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