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February 22, 2008

(Fixed) How to manage access control each user on SVN?

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(Fixed: no requires svnserve.conf file. sorry)

By default, All TOW users have all privileges of SVN.

If you want to manage access control each user on SVN, try like this.

  1. Edit C:\TOW\Apache\conf\httpd.conf.
  2. Find <Location /svn> and change like below.

    <Location /svn>
    DAV svn
    SVNParentPath “C:/TOW/SvnRepo/Projects”

    # our access control policy
    AuthzSVNAccessFile “C:/TOW/SvnRepo/Projects/authz”

    # try anonymous access first, resort to real
    # authentication if necessary.
    Satisfy Any
    Require valid-user

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName “TOW:Subversion Authentication”
    AuthUserFile “C:/TOW/SvnRepo/Projects/trac.htpasswd”

  3. Create C:/TOW/SvnRepo/Projects/authz file and fill like below. (ex. test, test2 has already registered.)

    test = rw
    test2 = r
    * =

  4. Restart TOW.

You can find more details about authz settings in here.


January 9, 2008

How to manage user permissions?

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You may know that using trac-admin can manage user permissions. But it needs long typing.

So TOW 0.2.2 provides simple script.

Listing all user permissions

C:\TOW>list-perm <ProjectName>

Listing user permissions

C:\TOW>list-perm <ProjectName> <UserName>

Adding user permissions

C:\TOW>add-perm <ProjectName> <UserName> <Permissions(separated by space)>

Removing user permissions

C:\TOW>remove-perm <ProjectName> <UserName> <Permissions(separated by space)>

You can use *(wild card) at permissions.
You can find more detail informations in TracPermissions.

사용자별 권한 설정을 하려면…

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사용자별 권한 설정을 하려면 trac-admin 스크립트를 사용해도 되지만, 써줄게 많지요. 그래서 0.2.2 부터는 간편한 스크립트를 제공합니다.

전체 사용자 권한 보기

C:\TOW>list-perm <프로젝트명>

사용자 권한 보기

C:\TOW>list-perm <프로젝트명> <사용자ID>

사용자 권한 추가

C:\TOW>add-perm <프로젝트명> <사용자ID> <권한들(공백으로 구분)>

사용자 권한 삭제

C:\TOW>remove-perm <프로젝트명> <사용자ID> <권한들(공백으로 구분)>

*(와일드 카드)를 사용하면 여러개의 권한을 한꺼번에 처리할 수 있습니다.

권한들에 대한 자세한 설명은 TracPermissions 를 참고하세요.

November 17, 2007


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  • Default admin user is admin/towadmin

Adding New User

C:\TOW>add-user.bat <UserName> <Password>

Adding New Project

C:\TOW>create-svn-repo.bat <ProjectName>
C:\TOW>create-trac-repo.bat <ProjectName>

How to enable Bundled Plugins for Standad package users?

  • Add this on trac.ini (C:\TOW\!TracRepo\Projects\<!ProjectName>\conf\trac.ini)

password_file = c:\TOW\SvnRepo\Projects\trac.htpasswd
password_store = HtPasswdStore

acct_mgr.admin.accountmanageradminpage = enabled
acct_mgr.api.accountmanager = enabled
acct_mgr.db.sessionstore = disabled
acct_mgr.htfile.abstractpasswordfilestore = disabled
acct_mgr.htfile.htdigeststore = disabled
acct_mgr.htfile.htpasswdstore = enabled
acct_mgr.http.httpauthstore = enabled
acct_mgr.pwhash.htdigesthashmethod = disabled
acct_mgr.pwhash.htpasswdhashmethod = disabled
acct_mgr.web_ui.accountmodule = enabled
acct_mgr.web_ui.loginmodule = disabled
acct_mgr.web_ui.registrationmodule = enabled
iniadmin.iniadmin.iniadminplugin = enabled
trac.web.auth.loginmodule = enabled
tracnav.* = enabled
tracrpc.* = enabled
tracrpcext.* = enabled
tractoc.* = enabled
tracwysiwyg.* = enabled
webadmin.* = enabled

How to run trac-admin?

C:\TOW>trac-admin.bat <ProjectName> <Commands>

How to run easy_install?

C:\TOW>easy_install.bat <Arguments>

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